Finding the right winter skincare routine for you

The harsh winter weather and can be a stressful time for skin. It may take some time for you to find the perfect way to adapt your regime to your own individual skin needs. To help you, we talked to the members of the exclusive online community, Beauty Q&A Insider Tips to get their advice first hand.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be particularly difficult to keep in check during the winter. When freezing weather launches its attack and the icy wind seems to bite your face, it’s not always enough to use unscented products or to avoid certain ingredients.

Lucy, who has always had incredibly delicate skin, swears by her “go to” skin saviour over the cold months. “I slather my face in Manuka Honey as a face mask in the bath. It’s soothing and healing, as well as gently exfoliating, and the heat from the bath helps it to really work to it’s best. I’ve always had incredibly delicate skin that would always flare up on my face from the winter rain and wind. But it no longer does. I turned 44 on Sunday and my skin is the calmest it has ever been since doing this through the autumn/winter months.”

If you have sensitive skin, you have probably experienced quite a bit of redness whenever the temperatures drop and the cold winds pick up. Margaret found a solution. “Firstly I love using the anti redness boost serum. It is a lifesaver for my reactive cheeks. I step up the layering of moisture in the winter. Love the hydration boost serum for that, then my moisturiser and locked in with a drop of facial oil..I love the mess-free dispensers of the boosters and creams.”

To show your skin some love and treat yourself to some ‘me time’ in the winter, Margaret recommends putting a face oil on when soaking in a hot bath. Using a richer moisturiser in winter to give skin more protection is also on her list of priorities. ‘I feel it protects a bit more as I have red reactive cheeks that flare up in extremes of temperature’.

The brutal winter weather can dry out any type of skin but this can be particularly discomforting for sensitive skin. 

“My skin gets very dehydrated during the winter. I always make sure that I use plenty of hyaluronic acid!! I also use a rich moisturiser at night and let it just soak into my skin because it makes my skin feel so soft the next day!! I also think it’s important to exfoliate at least once/twice a week but I tend to use a mixture of an aha or a manual exfoliation depending on how sensitive my skin feels.” Zoe.

Combination skin

Nicola- “I use sheet masks to keep the hydration in my skin, hydrating masks, eye masks, which I love, and a drop or 2 of face oil in my moisturiser (if I am going out in bad weather to help protect my skin from the strong cold winds straight off the North Atlantic). I use some of the new masks that are in powder form that you mix up fresh yourself. I have a detox and a radiance one. I usually follow up with a moisture mask of sorts. The best mask ever in the world is the Nubo Diamond mask and that does everything a therapist would do and even relaxes the muscles on your face taking out the tension we often hold in our faces and I keep that bad boy for special occasions”.

When we talk about winter skincare, we must remember that it is not just the skin on our face that can suffer from damaging winter weather.

Michaela steps her skincare routine to not only include more facial hydration products but also plenty of lip balm and keeps her hand cream on her desk at work to remind her that her hands need extra love in the winter too.

Meanwhile, Stephanie points out that it is not all about what kind of products you apply. It is also about how you apply them and how you prepare your skin. “A good facial massage is key in the colder weather to boost blood circulation to warm the skin and help products absorb better”.


Dry skin

Skin craves more hydration in the cold winter weather, especially dry or mature skin. But how should you adapt your routine to make sure your skin looks radiant, feels rejuvenated and gets the care it deserves?

“I feel I need all the extra hydration I can get!’ says Marilyn who loves to layer her skincare. Her everyday routine consists of “serum, oil, moisturiser,” which she then follows with her favourite SPF 50. When you’re wrapped in a scarf and shivering as you tread through snow, the sun’s effect on your skin is probably the last thing on your mind. In reality, the sun can just as easily damage your skin in the winter cold as it can in the summer heat. 

But Marilyn doesn’t stop there. She also exfoliates twice a week and uses a face mask 3 times a week to remove dead skin cells from her completion and reduce the dry, dull look of winter skin. Exfoliation also allows moisturisers and serums to reach their target cells more efficiently.

We believe that keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy year-round requires good habits, good products and the ability to adapt your skincare to match your lifestyle and the climate. Find the perfect moisturiser for your skin for the season here. Click here to supercharge your cream with a serum Boost to adapt your routine to your individual skin needs.