Rule breaker is a rule maker: an anti-pigmentation serum like no other.

Rule breaker is a rule maker: an anti-pigmentation serum like no other.

We have all heard before that for best results, any serum should be applied twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed, onto freshly cleansed skin and that it should be the first thing that is applied to the skin after cleansing.

After applying the first layer of serum, you have to wait until it is fully absorbed before applying the next product. However, here at BIO-EXTRACTS, we are proud to have broken the rules to this approach. We have created a system that will accelerate your skin care into the modern age. With our system, you give your skin a Boost.

What is a Boost?

A Boost is a super concentrated serum that supercharges your skin and works to target a specific skin concern. It is powered by Youth Capsule® technology which delivers key active molecules right to the areas of your skin where they are most needed

But it is not only about the super powerful formula. It is also about the exquisitely light texture, the rapid absorbing and the unique packaging.

Introducing: the new age anti-pigmentation serum.

The BIO-EXTRACTS Even Skin Boost uses the ‘New Gold’ in skincare. It is the bio-extract of rye bran. This highly nutritious fibre rich grain holds countless benefits for the skin. It is also the perfect ingredient for a super-concentrated serum that specifically targets hyperpigmentation.

Packed with minerals, this Boost is carefully designed to specifically target dark spots, sun spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation as well as acne spot scarring whilst preventing further skin discolouration.

If you are having a ‘no make-up’ day, the unique packaging of the Even Skin Boost allows you to apply the anti-pigmentation serum to areas of concern a few times a day.

The special packaging allows for a precise dosage each time. Use the ‘syringe’ as an application pen. Place the tip of the ‘syringe’ directly onto the area of pigmentation. Dispense a small amount and use the tip as a method of applying the serum directly onto affected area.

If you choose to use the Boost as part of your morning and evening skin care routine, you can apply the Even Skin Boost directly onto the skin, but we recommend saving yourself some time by adding one or two shots of it directly into one of our advanced, smart moisturisers.

Unlike any other moisturiser you may have tried, our smart moisturisers mimic your own skin’s layers, allowing the actives to penetrate really deeply and work from the inside out. They also form a kind of ‘second skin’, a hydration patch that helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors whilst ‘locking-in’ moisture.

With our system, you no longer have to wait for different layers of serum to absorb. Do it all in one go.

When you mix our smart moisturiser with the Boost, you supercharge your cream with a serum that will target a specific skin concern. In this quick, easy and effective way, the two become one and together they create the most powerful blend.

How to apply Even Skin Boost serum with your moisturiser.

Choose the moisturiser that is right for your skin type. Its simple, if you have sensitive skin, go for the Delicate Cream. Those with oily skin should go for the Light Cream. If you have combination skin, Normal Cream is right for you. If your skin is very dry or if you have mature skin, go for the Rich Cream.

1. Press on the moisturiser lid to pump up the cream.

2. Add a shot of the Boost. If you fancy addressing other skin concerns, you can also add a shot from another Boost. Choose from a range of targeted super serums and get 3 steps of layering done in 1.

3. Mix on top of the moisturiser jar and massage into the skin using a gentle circular motion.

If you would like to apply the Even Skin Boost serum the BIO-EXTRACTS way, get the serum here or shop for your perfect moisturiser by clicking here.