Beauty guru on how to get rid of skin pigmentation.

Beauty guru on how to get rid of skin pigmentation.

We spoke to Nicola Murdock, the skincare guru behind the exclusive Beauty Q&A Insider Tips group, to get her expert opinion on fighting skin pigmentation.

Is there a particularly good time to address skin pigmentation issue?

Definitely after the summer when you have been in the sun and sunbathing. Your tan is fading and you can really start to see the unevenness on your skin as you get paler. This is when your pigmentation really starts to stand out on your skin. 

Is it possible to treat skin pigmentation?

I think for a lot of women skin pigmentation can be difficult to treat. From experience I see women trying several products and still not finding one that works for them. So pigmentation marks can be incredibly stubborn and nearly impossible to move for some. 

What is the best at home treatment you’d recommend?

We often underestimate the power of natural ingredients.

I know of the lemon and potato juice trick. Using a mixture of 3 parts potato juice and 1 part lemon juice, rub directly on the section of your face that is suffering from those pesky dark spots. But please be very careful with this remedy!

There is also the papaya trick. Just rub the peel all over your face and neck and after 20 minutes wash the face with cold water. 4. The pulp of green or raw papaya can help you to get rid of the dark circle under your eye. It also works as a natural bleaching agent and reduces skin discolouration.

Some people also use overnight acids and vitamin C but I prefer to have my full skincare routine and use a product that is stronger, faster and for me more effective.

One of the most effective home treatments is the BIO-EXTRACTS Even Skin Boost which is a really power packed serum proven, much more powerful than regular serums on the market. It works to correct pigmentation and really brighten skin. Exactly what we need in winter to keep skin looking bright and clear. It works hard to remove sun and age spots effectively and it will really brighten your skin. 

What can we do if we want fast results? 

Honestly, I recommend using the BIO-EXTRACTS Even Skin Boost morning and evening. On no makeup days, apply to affected areas a few times a day. 

Is there anything we can do to prevent pigmentation? 

Wear a good quality sunscreen – ALWAYS! And a beautiful hat too!


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