Anti-pollution skincare. A buzz phrase or the final frontier in fighting ageing?

Anti-pollution skincare. A buzz phrase or the final frontier in fighting ageing?

We are surrounded by it but we can’t always see it. We breathe it but we can’t always smell it. We swallow it but we can’t always taste it. We are talking about pollution- the enemy of healthy skin.

London may not have reached the headline-grabbing levels of air pollution like Dehli, but it has in fact been living with illegal levels of pollution since 2010. The invisibly small particles that engulf the capital’s streets can penetrate the lungs and skin very easily.

Skin is an organ that allows stuff to come out (for example sweat), but also allows for things to get in. Pollution is one of the things that can penetrate through the skin’s cells. It can then trigger reactions such as inflammation, acne, allergies and eczema.

It comes as no surprise that as well as anti-ageing and sun protection, many skincare experts are suggesting that it is time to consider air quality when designing your skin care routine.

Pollution puts skin through a lot of stress on the surface but also at deeper levels. Deeper layers of the skin contain pigment cells and if nasty pollution particles reach these, changes in pigmentation could occur. This can then eventually lead to a noticeably uneven skin tone and age spots.

Think you are safe in the countryside?

Think again. Even if you don’t have a single polluting vehicle or factory in sight, you still have clouds overhead. These clouds shower you with the gift of acid rain. Don’t forget that wind can also carry harmful particles very long distances.

Such stress from the environment can also cause changes to the underlying structure of the skin. The skin may lose its elasticity and firmness and start to sag and show deeper wrinkles.

What is the best anti-pollution skincare?

When it comes to protecting your skin against the damaging effects of pollution, there is no better defence than a product loaded with antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect skin by limiting the number of particles that can damage skin cells. The damaging particles are known as ‘free radicals’. Pollution causes an increased number of free radicals. Antioxidants hunt free radicals to prevent them from doing damage to our cells.

In short, powerful antioxidants deliver a more healthy-looking complexion as they deactivate toxins. To create our Anti-Oxidant Boost, we chose one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants: Rosmarinic Acid from Lemon Balm. It fights damaging free radicals 3 times faster than Vitamin C and almost twice as fast as Vitamin E*.

Antioxidants are the best anti-pollution skincare as they work to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, prevent harmful particles from sticking to the skin and help to reverse damage in the deeper layers. As if that wasn’t enough, they also encourage collage production, helping decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

You’ll get the most out of antioxidant skincare if it is a targeted solution product with a high concentration of powerful actives. An antioxidant serum is the ideal solution.

This is why we developed the super concentrated Anti-Oxidant serum Boost. Brimming with some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, it holds within it countless benefits for the skin; from shielding skin from pollution to fighting inflammation and helping even out the skin tone.

For best results, apply twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed, onto freshly cleansed skin. Apply it directly to the skin or mix with one of our smart moisturisers to benefit from the best anti-pollution skincare as well as 24 hour hydration.

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