Are you still layering your serums? Its time to Boost your skin care.

You probably know that for best results, any serum should be applied twice a day.

Once in the morning and once before bed, onto freshly cleansed skin.

If you didn’t know this, let’s quickly walk through the standard skin care routine.

How to apply a serum: step by step.

The first step is always to cleanse the skin.

After that, you can apply the serum directly onto the skin. Wait for it to absorb into the skin until you can apply another serum or moisturiser. This is called ‘layering’ because you are applying many layers of different products.

After this, your skin is ready for the day or for its beauty sleep.

Isn’t that so time consuming?

If like us, you have a very busy schedule, you probably don’t have the time for layering. This is why we spent our time developing a new, more efficient way to take care of your skin.

We thought, “why not accelerate skincare with a Boost?”

What is a Boost?

A Boost is a super concentrated serum that supercharges your skin and works to target a specific skin concern. At the heart of each Boost is theYouth Capsule® technology. It delivers key active molecules right to the areas of your skin where they are most needed

We use of the most powerful and concentrated actives from the most precious ingredients in our Boosts. Each active ingredient has proven its worth as it has stood the test of time through its use in traditional medicine. With modern technology, we get the most concentrated form of the plant actives to make sure each Boost is loaded with skin-beautifying molecules that deliver results.

For example, our Anti-Oxidant Boost uses Rosmarinic Acid from Lemon Balm. We find it incredible that it was used by the Romans to treat scorpion stings. What’s even more fascinating is that Rosmarinic Acid from Lemon Balm gets rid of damaging free radicals 3 times faster than Vitamin C and almost twice as fast as Vitamin E*.

You can apply any of the Boosts directly onto the skin, but we recommend saving yourself some time by adding one or two shots of it directly into one of our advanced, smart moisturisers.

Who has time to layer the products? With our system you can do it all in one go. When you mix our smart moisturiser with the Boost, two become one and together they create the most powerful blend. 

How to apply a serum with your moisturiser.

Choose the moisturiser that is right for your skin type. Its simple, if you have sensitive skin, go for the Delicate Cream. Those with oily skin should go for the Light Cream. If you have combination skin, Normal Cream is right for you. If your skin is very dry or if you have mature skin, go for the Rich Cream.

1. Press on the moisturiser lid to pump up the cream.

2. Add a shot of your chosen Boost. If you fancy addressing more than one skin concern, you can also add a shot from another Boost. Choose from a range of targeted super serums and get 3 steps of layering done in 1.

3. Mix on top of the moisturiser jar and massage into the skin using gentle circular motion.

If you would like to save yourself some time and get fast results from your serum, choose your ideal serum here or shop for your perfect moisturiser by clicking here.

* Sánchez-Campillo, M., Gabaldon, J., Castillo, J., Benavente-García, O., Del Baño, M., Alcaraz, M., Vicente, V., Alvarez, N. and Lozano, J. (2008). Rosmarinic acid, a photo-protective agent against UV and other ionizing radiations. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 47(2), pp.386-392