Best Skin pigmentation treatment

What is the best skin pigmentation treatment?

Skin Pigmentation, otherwise known as hyper pigmentation, is a condition where the skin tone is uneven in its colour with visibly darker patches. Age spots, sun spots, discolouration, freckles and an uneven texture can all contribute to this condition.
Many opt for colour correctors, concealers or foundation to cover up their uneven skin tone. And while it is quite easily concealed with makeup, it is important to feel confident to step out into the world with a bare face by finding the best skin pigmentation treatment that works for you.

Why and how does skin pigmentation occur?

Skin gets its colour from melanocytes. Melanocytes produce melanin which gives skin its unique colour. A number of external or internal factors such as changes in hormone levels or sun exposure can cause melanocytes to become damaged. When they are unhealthy, they start to produce excessive melanin in concentrated areas, causing the skin to become much darker in patches and therefore uneven in its tone.

Why botanicals are the best skin pigmentation treatment

Plants were the main source of all cosmetics before the use of synthetic substances with similar properties. There are many plant derived ingredients cited in traditional recipes to help reduce skin pigmentation. Generally, botanical products are a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, minerals, proteins, and other bioactive compounds. Today, with the help of cutting-edge extraction methods, it is possible to harness the highest concentrations of the most beneficial phyto-chemicals from natural plants and influence the biological function of the skin.

Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate fatigue and boost energy, rye-bran bio-extract is now known as the ‘New Gold’ in skincare. This highly nutritious bio-extract holds countless benefits for the skin. Packed with magnesium, it detoxifies the skin, providing it with clarity and luminosity. Powerful antioxidants combat free radicals to help protect the skin from environmental aggressors. Its high content of minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc plays a vital role in erasing signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin. 

This is why this precious ingredient was chosen to power the BIO-EXTRACTS Even Skin Boost. Youth Capsule® technology within the Boost delivers the key active plant molecules right to the areas of your skin where they are most needed. The powerful Boost then works to even out the skin tone by helping reduce the appearance of age spots, sun spots, acne spot scarring and other causes of skin discolouration. It tones the skin surface, providing skin with clarity and luminosity.

However, to ensure the best skin pigmentation treatment, it is also vital to prevent melanocytes becoming damaged in the first place. For this, the skin needs to be nourished with an abundance of anti-oxidants. 

Antioxidants prevent or slow down cell damage by neutralising free radicals. They are extraordinary healers, which can be found in vitamins, and minerals contained in foods as well as in skincare products.  

Antioxidants not only help repair existing damage but they also reduce inflammation. Inflamed skin prevents the regular skin repairing process, it can eventually lead to skin pigmentation and acne. Long-term inflammation can cause cell damage, which results in wrinkles.

Rosmarinic Acid bio-extract from Lemon Balm, is one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants which dates back to early Roman recipes. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Romans used it to treat bee and even scorpion stings. Today we know that Rosmarinic Acid eliminates damaging free radicals 3.24 times more efficiently than Vitamin C and 1.6 times better than Vitamin E. This rare, magnificent ingredient is difficult to obtain but it is the best active for an anti-oxidant rich product as it has anti-mutagenic properties, so it acts as a shield for DNA against solar UV and other ionising radiations.

Zinc, magnesium and selenium are also incredible anti-oxidants that can be obtained through the diet or through topical skincare products. Each of these hold incredible skin transformational powers within them and can be found alongside Rosmarinic Acid in the BIO-EXTRACTS Anti-Oxidant Boost. Packed with flavonoids, this Boost works to protect skin from pollution, fight oxidative stress, pigmentation and signs of ageing.