How to apply your eye cream correctly?

Your eyes are delicate, and they deserve the right care. Since you already have your eye cream now, it’s time to show you the correct way to use it.

Simple steps can support the function of the cream and bring faster results.

We asked Jen – BIO-EXTRACTS QVC presenter – to show us how to do it quickly. Have a look.

Important points to remember about the eye care.

Your eye area is delicate, and the skin is thinner than on the rest of your face. Therefore, it deserves right attention and purposely designed products. Always use eye serum and eye cream as this product would have been tested.

Use your ring finger to apply your products, you’ll apply less pressure this way. You don’t want to be pulling on that fragile skin around your eyes.

Apply your eye product only on your orbital bone. Your skin will absorb the ingredients and distribute it. There is no need to place your eye product on your eyelids.

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