How to determine your skin type?

Ewa Social Beautify and Jennifer Ness talking for Bio-ExtractsKnowing your skin type will help you make more conscious decisions about the skincare products you’re purchasing. When you’re using products matched well to your skin type, you can see faster results but also the experience is more enjoyable.

The are three skin types

Dry skin type
Normal / Combination skin type
Oily skin type

Skin type characteristic.

Dry skin.

If you have a dry skin type, your skin can look dull very often. You might find it can get flakey especially when you put makeup on. Sometimes your skin can drink all the moisture from your foundation leaving the entire makeup looking patchy. Sometimes after you wash and dry your face, it feels tight. It can be prone to redness too. You know what it means to have sensitive or reactive skin mainly as the season’s change.

Normal/ Combination Skin.

Normal or combination skin is the most common. Some of us just are lucky, and our skin is feeling pretty comfortable most of the time. Sometimes we have areas which are more oily or dryer. This is a characteristic of combination skin. You often find cheeks are dry, but your t-zone can get a little oily during the day. The pores of your skin are more visible too.

Oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you’ll know about it. Shine is your second name, makeup slides off by lunchtime, and your pores are often visible. Oily skin can also be prone to breakouts so you might struggle with the odd zit at times too.

What should you do next?

Once you have determined your skin type, you can select your skincare accordingly. When you match your moisturiser to your skin type, you’ll notice better performance and better sensorial experience.
Different skin type has different needs, which correct moisturiser can address.

Here you can watch a short, chatty video where Jen our QVC presenter and Ewa from Social Beautify blog are having a chat about different skin types.

However, if you still finding it difficult to determine what is your skin type try the questioner, we have on our website. We hope this will help.