How to use BIO-EXTRACTS moisturisers and Booster serum.

Our innovative packaging is making some of you wonder how to use it. With moisturisers that are locked in an airtight packaging and serums in needle-free syringes, no surprise some of you are left to wonder.

To solve your dilemma and show you how quick, easy and time efficient is our system we filmed Jen mixing her morning skincare routine. Watch this short video and discover how to use your BIO-EXTRACTS.

Step by step – all explained.

Our moisturisers come in a packaging that prevents you from sticking your fingers into the product. This way we don’t need to use many preservatives to keep your creams and serums fresh. You can dispense the amount of moisturiser you’re going to use by pressing on the edges of the pot.

Booster Serums also come in airtight, needle-less syringes. Unlock it by twisting the inner tube, take the plastic cup and the white lid off. Now, pump out a pre-measured shot of your Booster. You can use up to four shots of various Boosters or just your favourite one for a single application.

Next, use the top of the cream pot to mix your moisturiser with your Booster serum.

You can use Booster serums directly on the skin too as a targeted treatment. However, if you want to use it all over your face we always recommend to mix it with our Lamellar System moisturiser for maximum results. We used this unique structure of a moisturiser and innovative delivery system in our Booster serums to enable actives locked in our products to penetrate into deeper layers of your skin.

Think about the Booster serums as magic wishes for your skin. Which of the Boosters would you choose to mix with your moisturiser? Have you tried any yet?

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