The beginning – the story of BIO-EXTRACTS.

Over the centuries, generations of mothers would pass on their acquired knowledge to their daughters. Such knowledge often related to their hobbies and interests, domestic skills but most importantly: health and beauty regiments.

A combination of all these elements is what underlies the story of how Bio-Extracts came to be. The work of Marina, the founder of Nubo cosmetics, has always intrigued her daughter, Irina. Marina would educate her daughter about cosmetics while Irina was completing her biosciences degree at University College London.

Inspired by travel

Their family’s love for nature brought them on a long trip to remote ends of Sub-Saharan Africa. They’ve interacted with different tribes, each with their own unique culture, ways of life and definitions of beauty. Marina and Irina quickly observed that all of the tribes had one thing in common. All the tribes derived their treatments from natural sources.  Another tribe showed them how adding water to a particular plant created a soap-like solution. Another tribe showed that crushing certain combinations of plants together created ‘cough-medicine’ and other medicinal treatments.

Inspired by generations of scientists

Coming from generations of award-winning scientists, the pair decided to take a rigorous, scientific approach to plant-based skincare. They set out on a mission to find the best candidates for possible ingredients from all over the world. Simultaneously exploring and developing the best techniques for maximising the effectiveness of the active fractions of the plants as well as securing maximum concentration and stability of the active molecules.

Being a mother and a daughter who frequently share clothing and accessories, they were quick to acknowledge that one size cannot fit all, especially when it comes to skincare. This is not only because everyone has different types of skin, but also because of our skin, as a living tissue, changes from day to day.

By creating Bio-Extracts home skincare lab, the pair found a way of giving people the opportunity to use, customisable skincare solutions.

Bio-Extracts let you tailor make your skincare

Bio-Extracts encompasses cutting-edge science in all of its products, ensuring an advanced delivery system and maximum results. We utilise innovative biotechnology to harness highly purified ingredients derived from the active fractions of the plant extracts, to deliver exceptional benefits to the skin. Crucially, however, it allows you to tailor-make your own skincare solutions with our home skincare lab to suit the ever-changing needs of your skin.

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