Our Treatment Tips for Mature Skin

While we don’t want to admit it, it is with age that our skin may slowly lose its once youthful firmness (sob!). BUT there is a new bio-technology science which comes to help and enjoy that gorgeous skin which is rival even the youth of today. Exaggeration? Marketing? No, that’s bio-tech science and the next generation of natural skincare!

Take a peek below at our best beauty ritual to turn the clocks back on your skin.

We can’t stress this enough but daily moisturising is the ultimate key to smooth, firm and hydrated skin. As we get older, our skin gets dryer so we LOVE Bio-Extracts Lamellar System Moisturisers – Rich is especially good for mature skin.
The texture is truly rich but not heavy, the cream sinks into your skin straight on the application and brings the top level of comfort without blocking the pores, breath! If you prefer Bio-Extracts Normal Cream (which scent is addictive!) – go ahead with Normal Moisturiser – the cream will work even for very mature complexion, just after your 60th Anniversary, start adding by 1 shot of Bio-Extracts Hydro Boost with the first non-synthetic Hyaluronic acid into the cream.
And don’t forget to moisturise your neck and hands – they’re the first indicators of ageing, – we all know that!

We have to start from Clean to Clear Boost serum in order to get the best anti-ageing results: we have to do skin exfoliating first . The serum Boost will help to renew the skin surface without redness, gently removing dead skin cell from the surface and relieving new complexion day after day.

Just a couple of shots from Bio-Extracts ANTI-WRINKLE Boost serum added to the daily dose of Moisturiser will help to improve the depth of facial lines and wrinkles, boosting up our collagen and zaps away dry skin.
This happens thanks to the highly purified molecules from botanical extracts derived with bio-technology science that battles ageing. These pure molecules are coming from the Peruvian Tree, Tara and Green Algae rich with marine pentasaccharides, bio-compatible with our skin.
This duo works as a bio-active release system: high molecular weight actives remain on skin surface gradually releasing plant’s remedy to improve the top layer of the skin. Small size plant and algae molecules penetrate the epidermis and reach various skin’s inner layers to perform the reparative work on where the damage actually happens before it becomes visible!
As a result this helps to increase the production of collagen, which practically means plumper, youthful looking skin, more skin elasticity and firmness, more youth!

To REALLY get the best we also recommend adding daily a couple of shots of Bio-Extracts FIRMING Boost serum which brings back the face’s youthful definition and prevents the sagging skin. Skin firmness and elasticity are restored thanks to a powerful combination of phytosteroids from the Maral Root and molecules of Wild Jujube seeds. This daily shot is capable of remodelling the face whilst treating skin firmness and hydration.

Does it sound a bit too complicated to mix 3 serums daily into your Moisturiser?
It may well be … but just start doing so and you will get it right and easy – this only sounds difficult and unusual while in reality it’s not! That’s the great pleasure to put your finger into your daily dose of beautifully scented Moisturiser and enjoy almost aroma-therapy effect from uplifting natural fragrances!
And the airless jar turns into your At Home Laboratory – literally on your fingertips!

Follow our Anti-Ageing Beauty regimen and be prepared for others wanting to find out your little secret!