Our Little Secret

Winter is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing – dry skin. There’s nothing worse than facing the harsh windy and frosty elements with dry skin – if you don’t moisturise and deeply hydrate your skin, it will crack!

But we can’t spend all day slathering on cream constantly in order for our skin to feel luscious and firm (hello, we’ve got lives to live!) We can confidently say that most creams in today’s market don’t offer the moisture we do. We’re totally bragging here but there’s a science behind it, we promise!

We have our own little system packed into each of our creams and potions: our BIO‐EXTRACTS Multi-Lamellar System® which mimics the skin’s own lamellar structure. Like a patch on the skin, our formula prevents water-loss, which can only mean the best hydration your skin will ever feel and skin protected from the external harshness of pollution and crazy weather changes. Win win!

For super-effective hydration and #flawless skin, we’re the answer.