Our Summer Skin Tips

Don’t you notice how the atmosphere – wherever you are – is much more cheerful when the sun comes out? People are happier, strangers smile at you (!) and you yourself just feel much more optimistic.

But there’s sometimes a downside to this beautiful weather. And that’s the effect it has on our skin.

For me, the transition from winter to summer is no problem – I just change from my oversized cashmere knits to a silk summer dress but my skin is much more complex. The sudden weather change shocks the skin so its essential to change your Winter skincare routine to one that suits the sunny months – you wouldn’t wear your winter jacket in the summer so why should your skin have the same routine?

For my summer routine, I want the skin to have a feather light feeling (the last thing I need is a heavy, greasy coverage!) but I also want optimum hydration – essential for those heat waves!

I use our LIGHT MOISTURISER which provides light coverage, is oil absorbing plus it has our top-secret Bio-Extracts Multi-Lamellar System® which mimics the skins structure of its outer layers – restoring our barrier function thus preventing any water-loss…meaning ultra hydrated skin for us! Another thing I love is the smell: packed full of lemon citrus notes with a delicious, delicate floral base of freesia, violet and water lily. It’s pretty much summer in a jar! Also, did I mention? Our creams provide a perfect base for holding makeup, so goodbye primer!

But we don’t stop there because what’s a summer skin routine without our Boosts! Whilst all our boosts are incredible and can be used throughout the year, my summer favourites have to be: the HYDRO BOOST (for even more hydration), the CLEAN TO CLEAR BOOST (for any skin breakouts that happen, inevitable during sudden weather changes) and the REDNESS RELIEF BOOST(which helps reduce redness because everyone’s skin gets a little bit flushed under the sun!)

So there you have it! My summer routine. Follow my summer routine and I promise you’ll have the best, most luminous, hydrated skin out there. In fact, we want to SEE the results. Just #BioExtracts on Instagram with your Bio Extracts summer routine – we love seeing your results and what combinations you come up with.