Multi-Lamellar System®
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In the stratum corneum ‐ the upper layers of the skin, the body’s lipids, its “oils and fats” are elaborately organised into a highly-structured, layered or lamellar arrangement. These layers are what effectively form the skin’s barrier function – keeping our important fluids inside and keeping external stressors out.

BIO‐EXTRACTS Multi-Lamellar System® has a very distinct structural similarity to these natural layers in the skin and mimics the skin’s own lamellar structure. It is designed to act like a hydration “patch” on the skin, restoring its barrier function thus preventing trans-epidermal water-loss (TEWL), improving hydration and protecting the skin from external irritants.

The Multi‐Lamellar System® also makes a great vehicle for other active ingredients in the formula as it ensures a very uniform distribution of the actives crucial for optimal performance.

The Multi‐Lamellar System® was originally developed for treating extra-sensitive skin types. This is a revolutionary new type of moisturiser, a step ahead from “water in oil” or “oil in water” emulsifiers.

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